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Sport England is using ArcGIS to identify gaps in the provision of sporting facilities nationwide and allocate funding to projects that break down inequalities in physical activity and sport participation. The organisation has also integrated ArcGIS web maps and spatial data services to key investment and planning business systems to establish data capture standards, reporting and visualisation.

ArcGIS and spatial data help Sport England allocate millions of pounds of National Lottery funding and tackle inequalities


Significant time and data quality improvements are achieved by using Esri UK Premium Data and National Data Services

The Challenge

As part of a new ten-year strategy called ‘Uniting the Movement’, Sport England aims to ‘transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity’. Launched in 2021, this wide-ranging initiative aims to address inequalities in physical activity and sport participation, making it possible for everyone to live more active, healthier lives.

To achieve this vision, Sport England needs to be able to visualise and analyse vast amounts of data, so that it can make fair and appropriate decisions about where to allocate funding and target interventions. It also needs to share its data with hundreds of local authorities and sporting associations, to help everyone work together to ensure the right sporting opportunities are established, in the right places, for the people who need them most.

“ ArcGIS帮助我们更精确地针对资金,以便为当前参与体育和体育锻炼的社区中的人们提供体育设施和活动。”


The Solution

Sport England and its contractors make extensive use of Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) technology, ArcGIS, in a range of tools, used both internally within Sport England and externally by organisations in the wider sports industry. Furthermore, Sport England subscribes to Premium Data and National Data Services from Esri UK, giving it live access to accurate, current datasets in pre-prepared formats that are ready to use in ArcGIS. The key data sets it leverages include: contextual basemaps and geodemographic data such as census, health, deprivation and socio-economic data.

One of the organisation’s most pivotal tools is its Planning and Information Management System, a bespoke solution created by embedding ArcGIS capabilities into a Salesforce solution. The addition of ArcGIS improves the accuracy of data captured and the visualisation of data in a spatial context, allowing Sport England’s planners to view and evaluate planning applications that affect existing sports fields in the context of other relevant geospatial data and aerial photography.

A second tool is Sport England’s Investment Management System. Also a Salesforce-based solution, this tool utilises ArcGIS capabilities, via the ArcGIS JavaScript API. Used internally, it allows investment managers to capture information accurately, visualise data and then check and challenge funding applications to make sure they are delivering value to target audiences, including deprived communities, in line with its vision.

另一个关键工具是Active Places Power, which is an ArcGIS-based web solution primarily used by the wider sports sector, including organisations like the Football Foundation. Provided free of charge, the tool enables all users to view detailed data from the National Sport Facility Database and analyse it spatially, to improve understanding of the catchment area for existing facilities, taking into account walking, cycling and driving catchments and demographic data.

最近,England Sport推出了Local Area Insights工具,为体育行业提供直观的方式来可视化和分析开放数据,以更好地了解社区并确定目标受众的位置。该解决方案是使用ESRI的Instantatlas构建的,并消耗了ESRI UK国家数据服务的实时数据,该解决方案已完全集成到England Sport England网站,并具有其品牌和可访问性标准。

“Esri UK’s Data Services provide Sport England with a single source of accurate, up-to-date mapping and geospatial data that we can use for many different solutions, significantly reducing our data management overheadsand freeing up our time to deliver business-focused solutions.”

马克奎奇立,Head of GIS, Sport England


通过使用ArcGI在交互式地图上可视化和分析多个数据集,英格兰运动可以更轻松地确定干预措施将产生最大影响的位置和社区。然后,它可以分配有针对性的赠款奖项,该奖项每年将数百万磅的国家彩票资金分配给有助于破坏体育运动的不平等的项目,尤其是在剥夺较高水平的地区。“ Arcgis帮助我们更精确地针对资金,以使体育设施和活动目前为当前参与体育和体育锻炼的人们提供可用的资金,” England Sport England的GIS负责人Mark Critchley说。


Integrated in the Planning and Information Management System, ArcGIS supports Sports England in its statutory duty to respond to planning applications that affect playing field land. Using the data visualisation capabilities of ArcGIS, Sport England can see how proposed developments will affect existing sports fields, see what other sports facilities are in the area and gather evidence to protect existing provision or secure new provision for new housing developments.

通过订阅ESRI UK的数据服务,尽管拥有一个小的内部GIS团队,但England Sport England还是能够提供广泛的GIS服务,包括大量关键地理空间数据。准确,一致和当前的数据直接流入了England Sport的应用程序,节省了时间,并允许组织以标准化的方式在其ARCGIS驱动的所有工具中使用相同的数据资源。Critchley said: “Esri UK’s Data Services provide Sport England with a single source of accurate, up-to-date mapping and geospatial data that we can use for many different solutions, significantly reducing our data management overheads and freeing up our time to deliver business-focused solutions.”


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