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地理空间data is now being used in diverse ways to增加awareness of public health issues and inform key decisions about life-saving NHS services在苏格兰苏格兰公共卫生正在使用ESRI的ArcGIS系统中的一套工具帮助它管理Covid-19-19的公共卫生危机以及ensure that healthcare services are located where they are most needed toimprove patient outcomes

地理空间analysis leads to a deeper understanding of healthcare concerns and patient needs in Scotland

ArcGIS Insights improves the visibility and management of clusters of COVID-19 cases



近100年来,vast amounts ofdata haVEbeen collected并存储about医疗条件,医疗服务和设施在苏格兰然而,直到最近,the location aspect of thishuge reservoir ofinformationwas hidden away indatabases和未使用苏格兰公共卫生列出优化苏格兰历史医学数据的使用以及有关的新数据当前的医疗保健问题, to help it make信息良好decisions about the delivery of healthcare services in Scotland

If we know where people are and where the health issues are, we can better target health interventions to improve patients’ health and wellbeing

Andrew GasiorowskiPrincipal Information Development Manager and GIS领导,苏格兰公共卫生

The Solution

Using a suite of tools from Esri’s ArcGIS system, Public Health Scotland began to analyse data spatially to uncover regional healthcare issues and plan local healthcare interventions. This focus on geospatial analysis couldn’t have come at a more critical time; when COVID-19 emerged in early 2020, Public Health Scotland had the data, the skills and the GIS technology it needed to better monitor and understand the spread of the disease and respond effectively.


Subsequently, Public Health Scotland used ArcGIS Insights to develop a sophisticated track and trace solution, the Connections tool, which highlights the locations of clusters of COVID-19 cases. Highly secure and for internal use only, this solution allows incident management teams to visualise and analyse接近实时的数据,以之前无法的方式Public Health Scotland also worked in collaboration with the Scottish Government and other public sector bodies, using ArcGIS to find the best locations for over 2,000 vaccination centres, taking into account population densities, drive times and candidate facilities.

Public Health Scotland has used the advanced spatial analysis capabilities of ArcGIS in numerous projects to improve understanding of health concerns. In one initiative, the organisation analysed data on secondary schools and fast food outlets, revealing that a large percentage of pupils have access to unhealthy meals within just a five minute walk of their schools. This research is now being used to help develop greater understanding of childhood obesity and inform strategies to promote healthier lifestyles.

In several projects, Public Health Scotland has used ArcGIS to develop interactive map-based web apps that make public health information more accessible to the public.By taking advantage of the Sweet for ArcGIS web editing solution, for example, the organisation is managing an up-to-date map, showing the boundaries for all 942 GP surgeries in Scotland.

所有这些只是冰山一角。“We are starting to develop further ambitions around the use of spatial and exploring how we can use ArcGIS to underpin even more of what we do,” says安德鲁•Gasiorowski主要信息、健康ent Manager and GIS Lead at Public Health Scotland.

Our ArcGIS Insights tool for track and trace allows us to analyse data that is incredibly complex and show change over time, which is proving so useful for the effective management of coronavirus clusters.

Andrew Gasiorowski-Principal Information Development Manager and GIS领导,苏格兰公共卫生


Clear communication ina公共卫生危机
Public Health Scotland was able to use ArcGIS Dashboards to make authoritative和最新dataabout COVID-19 cases向公众提供a格式很明显d easy to understand.“在地图上显示信息有助于人们在没有大量解释的情况下理解它”Gasiorowski说。“People could use the maps on the dashboard to了解该病毒在自己的地区的含义,并看到苏格兰地方当局地区之间的差异。”

TheConnections tooldeveloped using ArcGIS Insights makes it far easier for Public Health Scotland to监视器the传播Covid-19and manage outbreaks。解决方案对成功的成功是如此重要battle反对covid-19是presented to the Scottish Health Ministersoon after it was launched“Our ArcGIS Insights tool for track and traceallows us to analyse datathat is incredibly complex and show change over time, which is proving so useful for the effective冠状病毒簇的管理,Gasiorowskiexplains.

健康care where healthcare is needed most
批判性,Public Health Scotlandisusing ArcGIS to helpNHS苏格兰make betterinformed decisions about where to根据新服务deliver好的病人outcomes。例如,it分析historical information on the journeys that gastroenterology patients in Grampianmade获得医疗服务。现在正在使用此信息understand how many milesof travelcould可能be savedfor patients通过使用电信services or relocating services“如果我们知道人们在哪里以及健康问题,我们可以更好地针对健康干预措施,以改善患者的健康和福祉,”Gasiorowski说。

Through a variety of projects, Public Health Scotland is improving access to public health information for healthcare professionals and the general public.例如,苏格兰公共卫生正在开发一个Web应用程序,以提供有关WOR在哪里的实时信息ld infections like疟疾和黄热病很普遍。该解决方案将save so much time for GP practices, as they will have instant access to the latest advice about which vaccinations people need when visiting世界各地。


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