Reenergisingkeybusiness processes从字段到客户

Thedecision to迁移fromEsri的弧形到Arcgis Pro和ArcGIS在线enabled LSTC to重新加入keybusiness processesstreamlinethe way that it collects, analyses and shares data,从字段到客户.Theelectricity industry services提供者can nowoperate更有效率availof more extensive, accurate data to帮助它计划最好的路线s对于新electricitylines.

ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online enable route planners and environmentalists to plan new electricity routes more quickly and easily

The migration to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online was the springboard for the creation of streamlined business processes

Surveyors and inspectors use ArcGIS mobile solutions to collect accurate data, upload images and create maps in the field


LSTCspecialisesin the design and survey of overhead lines, underground cables and substation systems, and its工程师团队,asset inspectorsplanners需要收集数据在该领域几乎每天英航sis.Previously, theyuseda custom-built solution, 但是这个Windows-based data capture softwaredidn’t enablethem to upload images alongside survey dataor draw maps whilein the field.Digital maps,work schedules和PDF报告for clientsall had to be createdmanuallywhen雇员returned to the office,在什么ereunnecessarilydisjointed andtime-consumingbusiness过程es.

We started to understand the whole ArcGIS concept and how it could support our business in more ways.。”

Martin Straker,Director and Founder, LSTC

The Solution

LSTC was already using Esri’s ArcMap solution to support route planning, but had not previously considered using geographic information system (GIS) technology to streamline its field-based operations. The company’s Director Martin Straker participated in a series of webinars about Esri’s full suite of ArcGIS solutions and, as he says, “This sparked our interest in using GIS more extensively. We started to understand the whole ArcGIS concept and how it could support our business in more ways.”

几个月后,LSTC决定迁移到ESRI的Arcgis Pro和Arcgis Online,为该公司打开了大门,以便在业务中的多个团队(现场,台式机和在线)中更多地使用ArcGIS工具。ESRI UK专业服务团队的专家为LSTC提供了产品迁移的支持,帮助该公司优化了对Arcgis Pro和ArcGIS在线的使用并改变业务流程。

现在,LSTC的路线规划师,测量师和检查员使用ArcGIS Pro代替ARCMAP查看环境数据,绘制现有的电力传输和分配路线,并对沿途的潜在约束获得全面的了解。该团队发现Arcgis Pro使用更简单,具有更干净的界面,易于找到的工具以及在线台式机和ArcGIS之间的无缝链接。用户可以更轻松地将实时内容和最新的基础映射整合到项目中,同时在多个地图上工作,并保存和重复使用自己的映射模板。

LSTC已使用ArcGIS Pro,ArcGIS在线和ArcGIS移动解决方案来构建无缝的工作流程。例如,测量师和检查员现在使用ArcGIS现场地图,ArcGIS Collector和ArcGIS Survey123的组合来收集现场的调查数据和图像,以及视图和编辑数字地图。在ArcGIS Pro中整理了有关电线状况的所有数据,可以在交互式图上对其进行分析,询问和可视化。客户的工作时间表,指示哪些杆需要维修或更换,自动从ArcGIS Pro中的数据自动生成,而无需任何手动干预,并且可以使用ArcGIS仪表板与客户共享进度数据。

ArcGIS enables us to show clients more easily why we have made certain routing or design decisions and why the routes proposed are the most suitable.。”

罗布·萨特(Rob Salter),Managing Director, LSTC


Increased business efficiency
The migration to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online has improved efficiency in the planning and environmental departments, as employees can do the same tasks that they have done in the past, more quickly and easily. Managers can also use ArcGIS Pro to deploy inspectors more logically so that they can survey more poles in the shortest amount of time. Equally, in the field, asset inspectors can effortlessly capture images alongside data, for the first time, as well as draw up maps on site. LSTC anticipates that the time savings gained will enable the company to complete more projects, with the same staff, ultimately delivering a good return on investment in ArcGIS.

Richer data to inform routing plans and feasibility studies
LSTC now has a larger, more varied and more accurate reservoir of data, which it can analyse in ArcGIS Pro and use to inform its routing plans and feasibility studies for clients. The Esri Living Atlas provides access to more extensive data resources, while employees can collect more data and images in the field to build up a fuller picture of sites. “With the ability to analyse so much more data, we can answer questions that weren’t even questions when we started to conduct our surveys,” says Rob Salter, Managing Director of LSTC.

Shared understanding of design decisions
Using ArcGIS Pro, LSTC can visualise existing and proposed new electricity transmission and distribution routes and easily demonstrate why routes need to be diverted, to avoid conservation areas or other utilities, for example. This helps employees within LSTC to collaborate more effectively and also improves communication with clients. As Rob explains, “ArcGIS enables us to show clients more easily why we have made certain routing or design decisions and why the routes proposed are the most suitable.”

Significantly improved business agility
With LSTC’s previous Windows-based data capture solution, it used to take a long time to implement survey changes, as each change required a full software update. Using ArcGIS tools however, LSTC has the agility to change and add survey questions on demand. Isaac Wood, Data Capture Manager at LSTC, says: “In the past, it could have taken two or three weeks to change survey questions, whereas with Survey123, changes can be made within an hour and delivered out to everyone in the field that same day.”


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